The courage to start your own group coaching program

Are you looking to build a group coaching program? Maybe you’ve thought about making your coaching accessible to more people but you’re not sure you’re the right person for it, or perhaps you think that what you have to offer already exists... In this article, we give you some pointers to help you find the courage to start your own group coaching program.

Find Your Expertise

When you’re thinking of the value you might offer, consider what brings you to where you are today. Is there a topic you’re passionate about? Are you an expert in a specific area, or can you bring a useful perspective to a specific conversation? For example, if you have a background in mental health counseling, then you’ve already got some great qualifications and expertise around speaking to people about their feelings or personal difficulties.

Get To Know Your Audience

Always speak to as many people as possible and be brave enough to ask people out!

It can feel vulnerable to say, “I’m currently doing some research and refining an idea I have for a group coaching program. I’d love to buy you a coffee and interview you about the support you need to build your business.” Trust that both you and the person you’re speaking with will benefit - whether or not they ever enroll in your coaching. That’s not the goal! The goal is for you to learn about your ideal client and their needs.

Try to conduct surveys, social media polls, and get people who are your target audience to speak to you. The last thing you want to do is invest large amounts of time, money, and energy only to realize no one needs the program you’ve built. You have to build it for their actual needs rather than what you want to talk about or feel they should be interested in.

Finally, we encourage you to learn more about how to get to know your ideal client by listening to our conversation with marketing wizard Jason Van Orden!

Test Your Ideas

If you’re just getting started, test out your ideas. Put together a pilot group and try things out. This will allow you to receive feedback and refine your program. In addition, there is nothing more powerful than a wonderful testimonial! Make sure that your pilot participants share their thoughts with the world!

Find Community

It takes a village! What we hear most from alumni when we asked for the #1 benefit they’ve received from the class it’s always confidence. They share how by learning with others and feeling supported by their peers in the cohort as well as cohort alumni, they have been able to find the courage to start. If you’d like to learn in community and find confidence too, join us for the next cohort!


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