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About Group Coaching HQ

Group Coaching HQ is a global community providing the connections, knowledge, practice, and toolkit you need to enhance or launch group coaching programs confidently.

We offer an ICF-approved certification, supervision, and self-paced programs and events helping you amplify your impact.

The mind, body and soul of group coaching

The Mind

Our community is committed, curious and pro-active. It exemplifies generosity as we build on each other's wealth of experience, knowledge and learning agility.

The Body

Our community is in constant movement. Together, we build momentum to drive results and create the transformative impact our members and their clients seek.

The Soul

Our community creates courageous, supportive and challenging spaces to connect with each other, ourselves and the clients we serve.

The Group Coaching HQ story

When Dom received over 30 emails asking for support and resources after delivering a group coaching demo session for the ICF NYC chapter, her educator brain kicked in:

* What's the best way to support coaches to build their group coaching skills?
* How could this learning experience be practical?
* What support and community would coaches need?

The questions were flowing! She knew she couldn't do it alone so she called Maribel. 5 minutes into the conversation, they agreed to co-create a 12-week course!

They ran a successful pilot early in 2021 and gained so much energy from the experience that they kept offering the course... and never stopped! 

Dominique Mas and Maribel Alemán

Our Why


To joyfully research, experiment and expand the field of group coaching.


To amplify your impact through the community, knowledge and toolkit to confidently launch and enrich group coaching programs.


A global community igniting and propagating the transformational power of group coaching.

Meet Our Team

Our diverse and highly qualified team is committed to creating a safe and brave space, generously sharing examples and ideas while challenging and supporting you. We are here to guide you on your journey, always approaching learning with a growth mindset.

A bit more about our history

Learn more about how Group Coaching HQ came to be what it is today.


An idea... What if?

After a group coaching demo for the ICF NYC chapter, a spark happened, a new connection... an idea. A lot of brainstorming, creating and planning!


A pilot program

We ran a few more cohorts to ensure we had a robust program we would be proud to share with the ICF. We did it!


An ICF-approved program

We ran a few more cohorts to ensure we had a robust program we would be proud to share with the ICF. We did it!


A community

Within 3 years, we've built a generous global community focused on learning and growth. As we continue to build new programs and ways to connect, we look forward to welcoming you!