Self-Paced Group Coaching Training

$ 449.00 USD

Master the art of group coaching. At your own pace.

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1 Year
Experience Not Required
Live and Virtual

About this Program

This course includes all of the tools and information you need to launch or enhance your group coaching programs.

  • Expected completion time: 10 hours
  • Quizzes: 18 quizzes (3 multiple choice questions each, automatically graded)
  • Reflection forms: 25 forms (3 questions each) 

Unsure whether this is the right course for you? Enjoy our free trial course with access to some of the lessons and resources.


The experience

Introduction Module
  • What group coaching is and isn't
  • Group coaching essentials
  • The benefits of group coaching
Module 1: Before the group begins
  • The group journey
  • Structuring your groups
  • Marketing your groups
  • Filling your groups
  • Getting to know your participants
  • Preparing your curriculum
  • Additional lesson for sub-contractors
Module 2: Understanding groups
  • Stages of group development
  • Group dynamics
  • Teams vs. groups
  • Psychological safety in groups
Module 3: Coaching the group
  • Co-creating group agreements
  • Co-creating thematic goals
  • Weaving the thread
  • Creating a peer coaching habit
  • Closing our coaching group
Module 4: Structures, ideas, demos
  • Group coaching session frameworks
  • Group coaching session activities
  • Using assessments in group coaching
  • Audio of 2 group coaching demo sessions
Example Tools:
  • ICF competencies adapted to groups
  • Group journey organizer
  • Structuring your group worksheet
  • GCHQ - Research Guiding Questions
  • Example onboarding form + emails
  • 1:1 Pre-registration call guide
  • Session ideas, structures and  frameworks
  • Reflection questions after each module


  • Develop a wide range of group coaching skills
  • Gain a deep understanding of groups and their inner workings
  • Acquire a vast toolkit including frameworks, templates and session ideas
  • Build the confidence to launch your own group coaching programs
$ 449.00 USD

Master the art of group coaching. At your own pace.


Example events for deepening your group coaching skills:

This program is for you if you:
  • Want to gain a deep understanding of groups and group coaching
  • Are ready to go from 1:1 to groups
  • Enjoy learning at your own pace
  • Develop a wide range of group coaching skills
  • Gain a deep understanding of groups and their inner workings
  • Acquire a vast toolkit
  • Build the confidence to create your own programs
Group Coaching Experience Not Required
1 Year
Live and Virtual

What Our Students Say

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"I learned the most from listening to Dominique and Maribel share their rich insights into what makes group coaching powerful and meaningful for all participants. Whether speaking to each other or sharing real life group coaching examples, I gained new understanding about the pacing, the content, the space created, and the deep empathy at the foundation of a successful group coaching experience. Additionally, the thoughtfully curated resources ground the nuance and craft of group coaching in practical tools and expertise."

Tamara Gropper
Executive and Leadership Coach
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When I found out that Dom and Maribel were creating an online version of their group coaching HQ course, I jumped at the chance to be able to test it out in development. And though I knew the quality of their work and I knew it would end up being a tool with lasting value, I was honestly blown away by the quality, the depth and the breadth of what they provided for other folks to learn from. They lay out the key elements of what makes the group coaching experience so special, the ability to multiply that impact that you might have just one on one and teach people to take that spirit, that energy out into the world themselves so that they might be able to share that with others. The specifics of what they offer, they show you how to structure your group, taking things like dynamics and psychological safety into account. This is something I wish I had had when I started coaching groups and that I cannot recommended highly enough as a tool for people who really want the opportunity to work with other folks in group coaching experiences.

Karen Palmer
Executive Coach
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"I really appreciate the mixture of the video and written/handout content--as I think I put in one of my comments, I like to have both for my learning and for my reference later, so I appreciate the work you've done to be comprehensive."

Marie S.
Life and Leadership Coach
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"It's all great info. I feel like I really learn from each course and it all builds on each other. It honestly feels almost like the information is immediately applicable. I find that rare in a training."

Selina M.
Executive Coach