Marsha Prospere, PCC

Marsha Prospere, PCC

Instructor and Guest Coach

Marsha believes in the magic of group coaching, where being seen, heard, and understood fuels your growth.


Marsha Prospere, PCC

Marsha Prospere, PCC, Founder and Certified Executive Coach at Adept Flow, passionately believes in the profound impact of the professional development space. The significant amount of time we spend at work presents vast opportunities for positive change. Marsha is dedicated to transforming the workplace so that it balances organizational growth and performance with a healthy, safe, and positive culture. In her role, she partners with founders, executives, and teams, facilitating their development journey through coaching, training, and conversation.

Marsha is an ardent champion of coaching and its positive impact. She’s a Certified Mentor Coach and provides guidance and support to development enthusiasts looking to become a coach and existing coaches looking to improve their skillset or uplevel their coaching certification.

Marsha's unique blend of experience, skill, and intuition enables her to create a trusting, open environment where clients attain enhanced clarity, performance, and overall fulfillment. Her approach is anchored in the values of curiosity, creativity, connection, engagement, and growth, fostering a brave space for contemplation and revolutionary change. Beyond her professional realm, Marsha enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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