The Benefits of a Group Coaching Program

When you start to market your group coaching program to an audience that knows you for your 1:1 work, you may have to help them understand what they’ll gain by adding this new way of working together. While 1:1 coaching allows for much depth for an individual, a group coaching program allows for breadth as well.

Here are few ideas you can share:


  • A coaching group is a space to reflect on the big questions in life and the perfect way to learn with and from others. Group members can apply insights from very different contexts (e.g. when members work in different industries) and translate them to support their own needs.
  • Hearing others’ stories and becoming curious about them allows each participant to reflect on their own story and life.
  • Learning how others deal with the challenges they face allows group members to learn new ways to be and to act.


  • A coaching group is a space to feel connected. One of the most common comments we hear is that when they are able to share, participants no longer feel alone.
  • In a group that has grown close and where there is no judgment, the opportunity to feel emotions, even shame is a luxury not many experience in their life.
  • When connection is at its best, the courage to ask tough questions and the desire to welcome them allows for growth and safe challenge.

Learning new skills

  • At Group Coaching HQ, we encourage our trainees to develop coaching skills in their members, such as asking powerful questions, deep listening or holding silence. Group members can then bring those to their life or work place.
  • Group participants also learn to observe and reflect on how groups evolve, and how their own way of showing up changes over time. This helps them understand how members of their team might change over time and the type of support they might need.
  • Articulating our needs and wants or mind monsters can be tough. A coaching group offers a safe space to learn to do this and to practice vulnerability.
  • Trust building is at the heart of psychological safety and by observing the coach as they thank members or express gratitude for their courage in sharing deep thoughts and emotions, group members will learn to do this for others in their life and work.

A group coaching program can be incredibly impactful when done well and if paired with 1:1 coaching, your group members will be unstoppable!