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Group Coaching HQ Event: Explore Limitations and Expand Your Potential Through Music

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Ever wondered about music's role in coaching groups?

The approach of serving others through innovative and unconventional methods is truly remarkable.

During this conversation, you will learn how Music and Group Coaching can be combined in a unique manner to assist individuals in exploring their deepest and most profound limitations, while also expanding their belief in possibility.

Although traditional coaching primarily focuses on the mind, studies have revealed that the mind can sometimes be untruthful, leading to made-up stories or tricks to keep one safe.

The body, however, is always honest.

Using music as a tool to bypass the mind puts you in a spot of pure honesty about WHERE you stand in life and a deep love for WHO you are.

This opens the door to rapid transformations, tapping into our senses and emotions, and sparking creativity through an expanded perspective. All amplified through shared experiences.

What ambitious person doesn't want more of that in their lives?

Your takeaways

  • Connect more deeply to yourself and your music
  • Discover how you limit your thinking and feeling
  • Step into a greater possibility for yourself as a group coach through visualisation

About our Presenter, Disco Dave

Disco Dave Wynn is an AC certified Advanced Coach Practitioner trained in Mindfulness and Neuroscience, but his apprenticeship started way back. Growing up as an RAF kid, moving from place to place gave him an involuntary masterclass in adaptability, resilience, rapport & connection building. Not to mention active listening and reading the room!

Today, he unleashes the genius & potential of Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Creatives through the power of deep coaching & music. He's as enthusiastic about sitting with the tough stuff his talented clients bring, as he is with the high vibes and celebrations they inevitably enjoy. And music? Well, as a DJ for over 2 decades, music is in his bones.

He loves everything about it – how it transports you to memory and emotions, how it challenges and uplifts – everything! But nothing has delighted him more than the power it has brought to his coaching.

Call it rapid transformation, call it techno transformation if it grabs you. All he knows is it’s a kinda magic!




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