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Enhance Your Group Coaching Impact with Facilitation Skills

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Join us for an enlightening session on the power of facilitation skills in group coaching.

What are Facilitation skills?

Facilitation skills play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of group coaching. They promote better communication, active participation, and problem-solving, allowing coaches to create cohesive and productive group coaching programs.

Through facilitation, coaches can harness the potential of their groups, enabling them to work together efficiently and managing group dynamics in the most fruitful way.
Takeaway from this event:

  • Use simple facilitation techniques to engage participants in a group coaching context
  • Design a compelling agenda
  • Manage group dynamics and different personality types

About the Speaker:

Myriam Hadnes, holding a PhD in Behavioural Economics and a Master's in Sociology, combines academic knowledge with practical experience in group collaboration and facilitation. She is the host of the "workshops work" podcast, where she engages in weekly conversations with global facilitation experts.

Since 2020, Myriam has built NeverDoneBefore (NDB), a global online community of facilitators who share a common goal: to spark fresh trends in group collaboration.

With her business, Myriam follows the vision to create an ecosystem for facilitators, helping them to leverage the impact of their work through community, collaboration and co-creation.


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