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Dealing with Grief in Group Coaching

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Grief is a term used to describe a change that a person did not anticipate or desire. This feeling may arise from various situations, such as the loss of a relationship, unfulfilled expectations, unachieved goals or organizational changes, including layoffs or mergers.

Unfortunately, people often fail to acknowledge this emotion and how it affects them, their well-being and the people around them. Instead, they may try to ignore it or push through it with an "it is what it is" mentality.

Joining a group is a change that can disrupt one's daily routine, leading to numerous questions and thoughts. The change can be initiated by the group member or the organization sponsoring their participation in group coaching.

Regardless of the reason, change is a constant. Let’s embrace it.

Sometimes, we may be prepared for it, such as when the group member shares their thoughts in a pre-group self-discovery questionnaire. Other times, change may occur unexpectedly, like when a group member leaves abruptly.

As group coaches, understanding how change can affect our group will allow us to help our group participants navigate it effectively.


  • Recognize when group members are experiencing emotional blockages
  • Feel equipped with tools to help them become aware of their bodily sensations (breath, movement, and sound)
  • Be prepared to navigate the group coaching space in the event of grief or unexpected/unwanted change
  • Help participants identify and recognize thinking patterns that may arise during times of change
  • Help them determine how they want to respond to these patterns intentionally

About the Speaker:

In a world where change is the only constant, finding someone who ignites trust within you and in the connections, you cherish can be transformative. Adrienne Petrino stands out not just as a coach but as a partner in your journey of self-evolution.

Adrienne empowers you to lean into the uncomfortable, unlocking a world of self-discovery and curiosity. This journey is about preserving your self-worth and realizing how you make the world a better place.

As a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF, Adrienne specializes in bringing the unexpected out of people. She guides you past your shadow, helping design and implement the life you envision—one where you actively recognize and shift your patterns, marking true progress envisioned for yourself.


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