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12:00 pm

Ask Us Anything about Group Coaching!


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Join Dom and Maribel, the co-founders of Group Coaching HQ, for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, where they'll introduce the Group Coaching HQ Model for creating cohesive group coaching cohorts.

This special event is designed to shine a light on the intricacies and transformative potential of group coaching, offering a platform for aspiring and experienced coaches alike to dive deep into discussions about the art and science of group coaching.

Whether you're curious about crafting the perfect group dynamic, fostering an environment of growth and support, or mastering the nuances of group facilitation, this session promises an array of insights into making group coaching a powerful tool for change.

Come prepared with your questions and get ready to explore the endless possibilities of group coaching with Dom and Maribel.

Here is a preview of the questions that were asked earlier:

  • What advantage, if any, does group coaching offer a client that is not available in private coaching?
  • How is a group created?
  • How do you ensure equity in coaching across the group? For example, does each participant get X number of 1:1 coaching over the duration of the group package?
  • How do you kick off a group coaching call in a way that's effective for the entire conversation?
  • What experiences and skills can you draw upon to lead group coaching?
  • What is the perfect number of participants in a group coaching program?

About Dominique Mas, PCC

Dom has trained hundreds of coaches in the art of group coaching, and coached outstanding leaders at the intersection of their professional and personal lives. Passionate about creating engaging growth opportunities for individual and groups, she uses the Hogan assessment and visual thinking techniques in her trainings and coaching and she is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator and coach. Dom is also a Certified Mentor Coach.

She brings a wide scope of knowledge from her education. She holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, a Masters’ in Educational Leadership and Change, and coaching certifications from the NeuroLeadership Institute and the International Coaching Federation. She is a surfer and adventurer, and she lives a peaceful life in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, the artist Swissipino and Professor the awesome dog.

About Maribel Alemán, PCC

As an Executive & Leadership Coach Maribel focuses her expertise on leveraging her clients’ strengths and mapping out the road to their definition of success.

Maribel partners with her clients to set this foundation by focusing on five key anchors:

Vision… for the Future

Agility… to overcome challenges and galvanize opportunities

Leadership …for yourself, your team and your organization

On-Going your and your teams’ goals, standards and values

Results…that lead you and your organization to success

With these anchors, Maribel partners with corporate clients to address a broad range of challenges. Whether the focus is on developing a Leader’s strengths; carving a path to maximize a team’s performance or enhance a team’s structure or processes, the initiatives created from these partnerships are geared to ultimately support the Leaders’ and the organization’s goals. With unwavering integrity, transparency and honest dialogue, Maribel coaches her clients to build on their strengths and achieve concrete results. In addition, Maribel has had extensive experience in developing leadership programs designed to assess talent, identify growth opportunities, and provide needed skills and leadership effectiveness.


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