Self-Paced Group Coaching Training

Master the art of group coaching. At your own pace.
For coaches who:

✓ Want to gain a deep understanding of groups and group coaching

✓ Are ready to go from 1:1 to groups

✓ Enjoy learning at their own pace

✓ Prefer to learn through video, audio and reading

✓ Develop a wide range of group coaching skills

✓ Gain a deep understanding of groups and their inner workings

✓ Acquire a vast toolkit

✓ Build the confidence to create your own programs
Duration: 1 year access
Pricing: $549
Maximize your impact by moving from 1-1 to group coaching
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Modules & Tools

✓  What group coaching is and isn’t

✓  Group coaching essentials

✓  The benefits of group coaching
Module 1: Before the group begins
✓  The group journey

✓  Structuring your groups

✓  Marketing your groups

✓  Filling your groups

✓  Getting to know your participants

✓  Preparing your curriculum

✓  Additional lesson for sub-contractors
Module 2: Understanding groups
✓  Stages of group development

Group dynamics

✓  Teams vs. groups

✓  Psychological safety in groups
Module 3: Coaching the group
✓  Co-creating group agreements

Co-creating thematic goals

✓  Weaving the thread

✓  Creating a peer coaching habit

✓  Closing our coaching group
Module 4: Structures, ideas, demos
✓  Group coaching session frameworks

Group coaching session activities

✓  Using assessments in group coaching

✓  Audio of 2 group coaching demo

Example tools
✓  ICF competencies adapted to groups

✓  Group journey organizer

✓  Structuring your group worksheet

✓  GCHQ - Research Guiding Questions

✓  Example onboarding form + emails

✓  1:1 Pre-registration call guide

✓  Session ideas, structures and


✓  Reflection questions after each

✓  Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere! Access the self-paced group coaching training for a whole year and download the resources for the future.

✓  Learn through a mix of visuals, reading, audio and video

✓  Join our membership at a reduced rate to access Q&A sessions with the GCHQ instructors.
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